CGDI CG Pro 9S12 Super Programmer Full Version Software Download

V2.3.0.0 CG Pro 9S12 Super Programmer Full Version Software Download

CG Pro 9S12 Highlights:

1. Read and write any BMW CAS 1-4, Porsche BCM, Mercedes-Benz EIS, Audi BCM2 Etc anti-theft computer (100% stable security, subject to domestic test users alike)
2. Able to crack a variety of strong encryption chips, stable and fast
3. Equipment using the high-end technology, real-time monitoring, anti-loss system
4. Come with ith independent intellectual property rights, arbitrarily increase the chip models according to customer demands
5. Support 80% of the 35160WT, 35080, 35128 in the market
6. Free Update Online Lifetime
7. Language: English. If you need French, Spanish or Turkish
8. With free new CAS4 DB25 and TMS370 Adapter in package, reading CAS4 without demoulding (No Need to Remove Chip)

CGDI CG Pro 9S12 Latest Update Information:

CG Pro 9S12 V2.3.0.0 (2023.06.16):

1.Added support in the Chip CPU->MCU
STM32F0 series

2.Added support in the Model

CAS1-2K79X (PFLASH Backup)
CAS1-0L01Y (PFLASH Backup)
EIS-215 (1D69J)


CAS1-2K79X(mode 1)
CAS1-2K79X(mode 2)



3.Software bug fixes and optimizations
-Integrated adapter FLASH pin detection.
-Some models of the PIC16F series fix connection issues.
-SAIC Maxus RV-17 instrument algorithm repair.

4.Update the software user manual.

CG Pro User Manual

How to install and use CG Pro 9S12 Programmer on Windows7

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