G-SCAN PC Utility Software Download

G Scan Software Update Procedure and Installation Guide

G Scan Software Update Procedure and Installation Guide:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the G-Scan PC utility. (Below)
  2. Once the G-Scan PC utility has installed open the program and click on configuration, then serial number input and input the serial number of your device, click register.
  3. Exit the page to go back to the home screen.
  4. Insert the SD card out of the G-Scan into the computer.
  5. Click on Software update online.
  6. Check the serial and click confirm
  7. Enter email and password (this is for Gscan 2 Hyundai/KIA OEM skip this if you haven’t created the login from the attached document(HERE)) click confirm or skip (Click confirm again if you didn’t enter a username and password).
  8. Click on update when it has finished checking the files on the SD Card prompted
  9. Once the update has completed insert the SD card back into the G-Scan

G-Scan 3 Vehicle Car List Coverage:

The G Scan diagnostic testers are renowned as the market leading diagnostic scan tools for both Asian and European vehicles, with outstanding capabilities and performance.

The G-scan products have led the market in Asian vehicle diagnostics for many years offering OEM software for Kia and Hyundai, as well as outstanding depth and breadth of software in all other manufacturers.

G-scan 3 can be truly considered as an “all marques” diagnostic tool with the rapid growth of European software coverage whilst retaining their market leading position in Asian vehicles. This is further complemented with the impressive coverage of American vehicle manufacturers.

G-scan User Manual

PC Utility Installation Guide and How to USE

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