Zed-Full Plus Software Download

ZED-Full Plus Software Download

ZED-Full Plus Software Download:

Zed-FULL plus is designed to be used as a stand alone device without need of computer, it has USB2 port to communicate with computer. When it is plugged to computer via USB2 port, drivers will be installed automatically on Windows 7-8-10 OS.
Zed-FULL plus PC software is used for these applications;

Online transponder cloning applications
Online pincode calculation applications
Activations for some period of time (Zed-NET also can be used)
Synchronisation applications to load new packs to Zed-FULL plus (Zed-NET also can be used)
Updating Zed-FULL plus internal boards
Eeprom applications
Emulator unlocking
Loading credits to Zed-FULL plus from credit bank(Zed-NET also can be used)
PC software will not work without Zed-FULL plus, and will work limited without internet connection. As soon as you run PC software on a computer with internet connection, it will check the device module board versions and will ask you to update the related boards if any new update exists. Update procedure is so easy to operate and will take about 3-5 minutes for each board inside Zed-FULL plus. Zed-FULL plus has these units to be updated and once you run Zed-FULL plus PC software, it will check our server whether there is a new update or not. Main Board- Updates are mainly related with menus Transponder Board- Updates are mainly related with transponder reading-cloning applications OBD Board- Updates are mainly related with OBD applications Remote Board- Updates are mainly related with remote cloning applications and Mercedes IR Key programming applications EEProm Board- Updates are mainly related with eeprom applications SD card- Updates are mainly related with the images, buttons you see on Zed-FULL plus screen. But sometimes it might be related with OBD or EEProm applications applications as well.

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