CGDI CG100X Programmer Software Download

V1.4.9.0 CGDI CG100X Programmer Software Download

V1.4.9.0 CGDI CG100X Programmer Software Download:

CG100X is Covering 90% of models and modules on the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, domestic series, as well as engineering vehicles and motorcycles, it is powerful and the first choice for opening a store. Stable and safe, convenient and intelligent.

CGDI CG100X Programmer Highlights:

  1. Functions Including Airbag Reset, Mileage Adjustment, ECU and BCM Chip Reading
  2. Support BMW Land Rover Key match
  3. Free Update for 1 Year, after one year, it will cost $89 per year. Device can still perform if you don’t want to pay for the update cost after the first year
  4. Language: English/ Chinese
  5. Support auto repair commonly used engine computer, steering angle, FRM module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, transmission computer, 48V light lithium battery, 12V lithium battery and other kinds of body computer
  6. Work on BMW 35080 Series

Which EEPROM are supported by CGDI CG100X Programmer?

24 series, 25 series, 35 series, 93 series, 95 series, X50 series, S29 series, RH series, CAT10 series, CR series

MB90 series, MB91 series, MB96 series

PIC18F series

Texas Instruments (TI)
TMS series
S32K1 series
9S08 series, 9S12 series, HC908 series, HC912 series, MAC series, MPC56 series
ATMEGA series
H8SX series, M32R series, R5F10D series, RH850 series, V850 series
TC series, XC series
Saiyi Law (ST)
SPC series, ST10F series, STM32F series, STM8 series
Cypress/Spansion Semiconductor (Cypress/Spansion)
S6J series

CGDI CG100X Smart Auto Repair Tool Update Log:

V1.4.9.0 NEW


1. Added 43 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Aochi X3 2021- 24C04
Boruda DS7 PIC18F45K80
Beijing Zhida X3 2019- 9S12ZVH128(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
Beijing Q7 24C16(仪表)+95320(BCM)
Benz S级(W222) 2015- D70F3525
Chenggong LUOTUO E300 R5F10DPXXX
Spring breeze 550 ATV 2013-2015- PIC16F1933
Dayun Dayun DYX12 Truck 2020- FS32K142
DIAO Tractor 24C01
DongFeng Yixuan 24C16
DongFeng Captain 24LC256
DongFeng Changxing D3 MPC56XX
DongFeng Jingyi X5 2013- 24C02
DongFeng Yufeng V9 2021- 93C66
DongFeng Duolika PIC18F66K80 V2
DongFeng Duolika PIC16F946
Fuminpai Electric car 2018- 24C08
Ford LINGYU 2022- 24C32
FOTON Oman Galaxy 24C16
FOTON shidai xiaoka STM8S105C6
FOTON Bus FS32K146
Trumpchi M6 2021- 24C16
Geely Emgrand L FS32K144
JAC Geerfa K3L 24C04
KINGLONG Haige 2014- 24LC32
LEVDEO Mangguo 2021- PIC18F46K80
LOVOL lovol Leopard 2204 tractor 25640
Long Xin WUji 500DS 24LC64
Nissan LIVINA 2013- 93C86
Roewe EI5 25160(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
Roewe 360 plus 2018- 9S12XHZ256(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
RUIlancar Maple leaf60s 2022- FS32K142
SKOKDA XIrui 2015- D70F3524
Tianji EM7 R5F10DSLL
Victoria 150 24C08
Ward Harvester MB91F534B(times)
XINYUAN T23 2023- 24C16
Chevrolet LOVA 2012- 24C08
ChangAn Lantuozhe 2022- 24C64
Great Wall Havel H6 2023- R7F701404
CRRC Era CRRC Electric R7F701404

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Honda INSPIRE 2022- 93C86(read write)
Redflag HS7 24C16(head unit)(read write)
Redflag HS5 24C16(head unit)(read write)

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CG100X VS. CG100 VS. CG70 Comparison Table:

CG100X VS. CG100 VS. CG70 Comparison Table

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